I am so close to crying it is just not funny, every time i close my eyes I picture Superman's Scream after snapping Zod's neck in man of steel i.e. filled with pain, anguish and not being able to accept what you have become... I am not a dev but I have been glued to a computer screen since 7 years old.

I work for a company as the I.T. Administrator that does quite a bit of specialized work in the regulatory industry and has there own in-house software. This was built by one developer after another, hired straight out of university/college and you cannot believe how big of a monster this became being built with direction from someone who cant code and a bunch of "drunk children" who do not know good principles (swear to god thousands of lines with no comments and no OOP)

Now I am validating and testing a system, i keep being asked if we will be ready by the end of the week and due to my lack of qualifications after dropping out of school I keep thinking yes, but every time i test something I find another problem, I may not be able to code but understanding quickly is my strength and I know this shit is not simple.

I am under constant pressure to deliver something quickly.

Any concerns I raise are almost brushed off because I am an idiot with no qualifications who should be greatful for the work I am doing and the low as balls salary

The problems I solve are commended by the 10+ years of experience senior developer writing the application for us, yet I get shit for taking an hour to find the problem that existed in our network setup because it is the devs job (OMFG HE WOULD NEVER HAVE REALIZED WITHOUT COMING HERE AND LOOKING AT OUR INFRASTRUCTURE... WE WOULD HAVE BEEN STUCK FOR A FUCKING MONTH!!!!)

I see only 2 courses ahead for my life. The easy way and the hard way.

Easy way, buy a gun and end it all.

Suffer for 3 more years in the place that is causing constant breathing difficulty and the occasional pain in my left arm, finish my matric, continue learning to code and leave.

But right now I just want cry scream like Superman!!!

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    Shit man, that's rough.
    While killing everyone would be VERY cathartic, you should be looking for greener pastures. Keep tolerating it, and as soon as you find said greener pastures, GET OUT AND DON'T LOOK BACK.

    There's always college, and there's always better internships.
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    Oh no shit FBI DONT MISUNDERSTAND... I meant suicide...
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    @Jefreaky Not much better.
    Look, if it takes unhealthy amounts of booze and cigarettes to stop you from killing yourself before you find someplace better, please just use them to cope instead of killing yourself if you can't/don't want to talk to anyone you know about it.
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    Hdhsjdhdhdue... this is what I hate about the internet. Trying to portray sarcasm. Shit this always happens. When will I learn hahaha. To anyone reading I'm just super frustrated and yes the unhealthy amount of booze and cigarettes is my coping mechanism but oh god please don't place me on a suicide/public safety watchlist.
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    I have no degree but for sure I earn more than most of my peers. So persist if you're really willing and passionate enough about programming
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    Superman is a bitch.
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