Hi all,
I'm in this company for about 15 months. It's one of the big name company. I'm a senior dev here. In my team we follow agile development. In starting I was just working on my part mostly. Then my manager raised concern to me for not taking ownership and helping others.
I started doing things what I could do. Like code review, API discussion, design discussion etc..
Now, the thing is I usually get upset when people go with 'lazy' solutions because I feel bad design leads to maintenance overhead, and it happened to us in past. We had to spend weekends to make things work. So, I started making code review, design review strict.
Some people didn't like it. But my manager was supportive, or at least I think so.

Some days back manager took me in a one-o-one discussion and told me one of the colleague kinda complained against me.

Now, my manager is not involving me into design discussions and API discussions. There are some new features are coming and I am not informed. I get to know things only in scrum-updates.

Am I about to get fired? I'm not gonna lie, I'm so scared. I can't put down papers as I'm already into 4th company in 7 years.

This thought is just killing me. What should I do? I'm so alone.

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    You're not going to get fired. There's not that much of a reason to.
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    Explain to your manager what the situation is, explain why you want to have those guidelines and why you have made them mandatory.

    Let him/her decide if he/she wants maintainable and pretty code or prefers shitty code. Also explain that good quality code makes things a lot easier for new employees to get started.
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    @filthyranter I hope I'm not. It feels like they are working on removing my dependency.
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    @Codex404 thanks. I did it today. As per him, if I make things strict, people will leave company. Now, how much is too much, that is a question. I can't allow 10+ argument constructor.

    And what makes it annoying is that in first month of joining, I was given to attend "coding practices" training. Like clean code, secure code etc.
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    @mrtn hmm, this question changed my view on the incident. Surprisingly, this is kinda helping my confidence.🙂
    Thanks man.
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    @thatJavaGuy get the team together, explain them the importance of clean code, find the ugliest piece of code in the codebase preferably written by you or someone who left, since you dont want to blame people working with you.

    Rewrite that piece of code to make it clean and ask them which of the two versions they prefer to maintain.

    Then decide a few rules that need to be strict (no mixed tabs an spaces for indentation for example)
    And a few that need to be less strict: a space in or outside a bracket or a missing space for example.

    This way they understand your point of view, they will see you are willing to make things less strict while still maintaining important things
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    @Codex404 hmm. I can try that. Let's see how it goes. Thanks.
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