An open letter to the guy that commented on my website:

«Function X does not work. This program is shit. I am going to uninstall it and tell everyone.»

I'm sorry that my completely open source project didn't work for you. The fact that I lost countless days and months and years working on it in my free time, without ever asking for a cent, just trying to do something good for the community, doesn't give me the right to release a feature that may be buggy.

You could have opened a bug report. But that takes time. A whole 2 minutes. I understand the urge to post such a harsh public critic on my website. That's why I was so calm and understanding when I replied to you there.

However, it's a long time I wasn't browsing devRant and I confess I felt the urge to tell you to go fuck yourself. And this is the best place to do it! I'd pay to know you. I'd love to see your face. Oooh you must be so confident of yourself. I'm sure you have accomplished a lot in your life. So here's my message:

Go Fuck Yourself Asshole

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    You are so right dude!
    Just stay calm:)
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    Now that is a proper rant here! There's a special place in hell for people like that.
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    In my experience, it is mostly a waste of time to do bug reports in open source projects. Nobody will take care of them, and two years later, they will be closed because they refer to an outdated version. Of course nobody has checked whether the bug is still there.

    Any bug fixing happens just accidentally when that module is rewritten anyway (introducing other bugs, of course).
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    Counterpoint: Had the guy filed a bug report, you'll have probably ignored it anyway, or it's going to be so low in your priority list, since it's an open source project and all. Him going straight to your website seemed to have got your attention in a timely manner, albeit maybe he could've been less of an a-hole about it.
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    @monzrmango Nice point you got there my friend
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    I'm sad to say I know a few people who react like that. Every single one of them is incomplete, unfulfilled and very frustrated.
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    Fuck him!
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    "Go Fuck Yourself Asshole"

    -The Legendary Unknown Ranter 2021
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