Me(m) vs Apple(a)

m - hey apple!
a -
m - apple?
a - oh yeah, who are u?
m - umm, titan?
a - titan who?
m - titanlan- .. umm nevermind . hi , i am a developer :D
a - developer ? hah.. get out.
m - but wait, I want to develop apps for you! I have been developing android apps for last one year and i love mobile dev! wanna talk more on this ?
a - umm.. ugh ok. so you wanna develop apps?
m- yes!, i am doing great at java an-..
a- yeah wait. we don't have that in here. we use swift
m -Oh. no worries , the principles are the same i will watch some free youtube vids and have a plugin for studio or vsco-..
a- yeah wait you can't do that too.we don't have plugins
m - Really, no plugin? then where do people develop ios apps?
a- xcode
m - Oh , how stupid of me , an IDE of course. anyways i can simply install it in my windows or linux an-..
a - nope, you can't do that.
m - what? then where does it run?
a -macOS
m -Oh, then surely you might have some distro or-
a - nope, buy a mac. pass $3000
m- wha-? i just want to run your bloody IDE!
a- oh honey, your $3000 will be totally worth it, you will love it!
m- but i haven't even started making an app, leave alone publishing it.
a- oh, that will cost you another $100 . plus if you wanna test your apps, make sure it runs in our latest , fragile iphones otherwise we won't publish it. that will cost another $1500
m- what? but I already have a fine , high tech laptop and a smartphone!

a- yeah you can dump that

FML. how the fuck is apple living and thriving? lots of selfish motives and greeds i guess? because i don't see a single place where they are using the word "free" or "cheap" .

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    Gone are the days of opening up the back of your apple and tinkering. Very, very, gone.

    They want their tech to dominate every aspect of our lives, and the iPod is the gateway drug to them slowly consuming our souls and increasing our reliance on suckling the teet of their overpriced, anti-consumer garbage, all because we recognise the brand.
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    I have a free open source project where I had user requests whether I could do something for Android, and it worked out nicely.

    After checking what an iPhone version would have entailed, I just declined those user requests. Ain't gonna happen. Plus that GPLv3 makes sure that nobody else will make it happen. ^^
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    Thought this was common knowledge: To make ios apps you need a macbook. Guess I was wrong. Don't know how this is odd considering the rest of the ecosystem.
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    You could always use a hackintosh
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    Android development (inc. Publishing) - $25 au
    Apple development (inc. Publishing) > $4600 au
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    Sheep marketing. Apple is good at that so people buy overpriced phones. When I remember how many broken iphone screens I've seen that people use...

    @skprog pain in the ass to install, especially if you do not have specific hardware.
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    I don't get the fuzz.
    Just use AndroidStudio like any other app developer.
    Once you've written your ap, you can compile it for android, ios and even WindowsPhone.
    Stop ranting and install a useful tool to develop your thingys.
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    @redpanda101 you don’t get a pc, Android phone and a developer license for $25. Your price for Apple development includes that. But yes, it surely still is a lot cheaper developing for Android
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    @TylerDDevRant you can’t compile iOS apps without Xcode
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    Sure can.
    Just use AndroidStudio.
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    @TylerDDevRant you can write flutter in Android studio, which can be compiled into all platforms, however the actual compiling for iOS is done using Xcode. You don’t have to open Xcode for doing it, but it can’t compile if Xcode isn’t installed.
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    Oh shit.
    Sorry, didn't know about that.
    A co-worker gave a presentation of android studio recently.
    I asked him about compilation for iOS.
    He said, yeah sure, no problem, this comes out of the box.....

    Bullshitting greedy Apple basterds.
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    @TylerDDevRant you also don’t have to write the actual code on the Mac, but the Mac is responsible for the compilation. You could just find a cheap used Lowspec Mac mini and install macOS server on it, and use it as a remote build server
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    Oh and those 100$ have to be paid every single year
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    just everybody stop buying apple. Problem solved.
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    That Apple ego is really bullshit!
    Your rant was amazing and a fact about the Apple strategy!
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    I use Xamarine / unity
    Write once run on every os
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    Well when you put it like this, I realise that yes, this is extremely costly

    I think I was having Stockholm syndrome 😅
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    @ZioCain even better, in Europe it's 99 EUR, which is $116 or so. Fuck Crapple with their overpriced and shoddy shit.
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    @R1100 still have to at least use Mac in cloud to publish. Very annoying.
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    @R1100 Unity creates a Xcode project when you build for iPhones so you still need Xcode to create the binary.
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    @lastNick oh crap 😬
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    It seems no one has been developing and publishing apps for iOS in here.

    1. You need a Mac and Xcode
    2. You don’t need the 100$ dev account to develop and test apps. The free dev account is enough to build and test apps with the simulator and your iOS devices.
    3. You need the 100$ dev account to publish apps to the App Store.
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    Use Flutter
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    Update i actually recommend macin the cloud service to compile. Dont have to own mac just rent one compile. And take it back. Stop renting.
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    @malphas yup I build that for Android using gitlab, Jenkins and jira for a team it's really feel awesome to monitor it.
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