I've come to my first real fork in my career. I currently work as a web developer for a medical software company. The pay is pretty abysmal but they're flexible and not super demanding. However, my formal education (take this with a grain of salt obviously) is in game development and I've been trying to build my portfolio and what not. I was offered a part-time internship, because I'm still in grad school, I haven't held a part time position since high school. But not only is the position a job I actually want, but the company is pretty great. I'd have to stay part time tell graduation (Next December). But they said they are already interested in transitioning me to full time once I graduate. Another note, I have to get some security clearance for the job, which is another reason they want me to start part time.

So I truly don't like web development and the company I'm at has been very up front that I'm going to stay at this pay rate for a while. But it's possible that they offer me a contract/part time position after I leave (mostly because I'm the one and only web developer and they're already on a hiring freeze). However, if they don't I'd have to scramble to find something else to pay bills for the next year.

Long rant. tl;Dr: should I stay or should I go?

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    Well you've answered it already. You don't like web dev, you want to work in game dev, and you need more money to put bread on the table.

    Keep working where you're at, look for greener pastures, and if you find one that'll let you in, go for it.
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    @Ellis my concern is that I won't actually be able to work part time where I'm at. Mostly because of the hiring freeze but also because they actually hired me with the purpose of replacing all of their contracters. Though, they actually ended up hiring more.
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    You should be working as a game developer because that's what you love, I presume. So... Leave! And pursuit a better job at what you like and are good at. I'm sure there's always freelance work out there to help pay the bills while you struggle to get your ideal job.

    Best of luck.
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    @ChaoticGoods Well if you're planning on leaving they definitely won't.

    Suggest the idea of working part time to your manager if you want, you might get somewhere with that, but it won't give you enough money to live if you're having issues with that full-time.

    It's straight up a choice between getting better pay and doing what you want V.S. sticking around somewhere you don't want to be and hoping for a pay rise imo.
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    @Ellis the pay rate comments was from the initial conversation I had with them when they hired me. But between a contract job with them and the part time job at the new place, I'd be making enough to get by at least.
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    @ChaoticGoods Well if that's what you want to stick with, fair enough.
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