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    Wouldn't that be a compliment? 😅
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    @ScriptCoded I don't think so .... Oh, oh now I see. But you wouldn't fork bad code 🤣
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    @MPKaboose Haha, true true
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    When I first read this I thought you were making a The Good Place reference.

    Then I remembered this is devrant.
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    @Tekon Already looking forward for season 3? The first episode will air in three days, I'm already pretty excited. The Good Place has had the best plot twist of all TV shows I watched so far.
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    @Steve2955 You bet! Can't wait to find out what's going to happen and see what new twists they'll throw in.

    Have you seen they put the first few minutes of the first episode on their Twitter?
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    @Tekon That's a show ... nice, good bye free time and productivity
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    Why would you want the Go community to fork? I just hope that in Go 2 if they add generics that the community stays together (or they just don’t add generics).
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