Just got a free Google home from Google for publishing an action. Woo hoo

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    I build an action for gh, and it crossed a milestone of monthly users. Its a very basic action for quotes, but google still send the device
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    @http418 Gratz! Perhaps one should make an action 😏
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    Didn’t knew they are giving away spies for free
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    A few decades ago
    "I just hope they won't wiretap me"
    "WOOHOOO, got a free wiretap!"
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    @gamingfail123 But it's freee. Fucking Stasi was stupid :D Just give away free phones.
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    Mini or Full?
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    @http418 how do you build actions? I looked into it when they first came out but couldn't find anything.
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    @billgates not the mini, just the normal one, google home
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    @qwerty77asdf they have tutorials how to use google cloud functions as a callback for Google actions. I found the Alexa examples somewhat better though
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    I know someone who transcribes Alexa conversation recordings (to generate speech recognition training data). She has some stories about couples' fights...
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    Ohhh, a free spy for your house / room, how useful!
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