DBMS teacher flunked me mostly because of bad handwriting. :|
It's okay because I already earn more then he does. :)

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    I can barely write worth a damn at the best of times. Had an accident at work (mechanic) and a sliced through the tendons on my RHS middle knuckle. Now I can't write(or lift much :/) at all and I am a dev full time 😂
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    @dufferz wow, that's inspirational.
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    I wish it were! mostly educational(and irritating) for me... 10mm spanners are not 3/8"... Slightly bigger...(lazy me couldn't be bothered to swap) Apply too much force and BANG! You punch a 90deg bit of steel fucking hard and almost loose use of a finger..

    Sometimes the world works in weird ways, I'm far happier now ☕
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    Don't worry I've been annoying teachers since I started at school because of my handwriting; I'm sure it is worse.

    Whenever you get a chance and they ask for something handwritten, try to ask to use computers. If you are in trouble for bad handwriting after they deny you it's their fault entirely and you may be allowed to use computers in future.
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    @dufferz shit that's fucked up mate
    @anon404 I also have shit calligraphy and dickbag teachers, I hate the douchebags way more than my ugly ass handwriting.
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    I've gotten zeros on hand written "marked for effort" math assignments as claimed by the professor. Had the TA explain to me she could see I was actually genuinely trying and not just copying like other students. I guess I should've been in the extra mile to type the bloody things, or just copied a neat assignment like everyone else. I remember a guy in a different section with a different TA drew a sad face for the last question and wrote "please forgive me". Didn't think it'd have been worth the effort to contest to pick off the TA who might retaliate.

    Bless the educational systems and institutions /s
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