I've just noticed an app review that I've given and would fit right into the wk123 (that's the insult one, right?).

"Biggest pile of junk that I've ever seen. You have one job! To register the fucking phone number (which you could get with Phone permission) and verify it (which you can do with the SMS permission) and you should either have the user do that once upon installation or you automate it entirely so that it can run in the background! You can fully automate this, and it's not that complicated that it needs 10 whole seconds of loading time in between! Heck, this pile of crap can't even continue into the main view after entering the verification code! You haven't published the source code (and maybe that's for the best) but if it was, I'd probably immediately get cancer by viewing your crappy spaghetti code. Dear developer, please take a step back and (re)join the PC tech support guys. You have no place in the development world."

To top it all off, that app currently only needs phone permission to verify my number (at least they've done that much). So I figured, I've already gone through that authentication flow so let's remove that permission to abide by the principle of least privilege.

Except that the fucking crapp just goes through the "requires phone permission" shit again whenever that permission removal happens. Fucking piece of garbage!!! That such spaghetti code fuckers even have a job, it boggles my mind.

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    which application?(to avoid purpose)
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    @stop it's an application from my mobile carrier to check my balance and remaining mobile data volume. The only reason why I'm currently using it is because my phone got fucked (I'm never ever going to buy Google phones again!) and my tablet does support SIM cards but it doesn't support telephony. So I can't dial the respective service number for this kind of thing anymore... 😕
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    @Condor in my experience software made by phone carriers is the shittiest, less reliable, bloated shit software there is (in phones at least). What's worse is that sometimes you can't even delete their shit apps from the phone.
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    "Dear developer, you are so bad, please consider joining the tech support guys".. ouch that hurts
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