Do you guys prefer one cloud storage solution over the others? Dropbox, Google drive, mircosoft onedrive. ✨✨✨

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    Selfhosted Nextcloud over all of them.
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    I prefer Nextcloud because I can host it in my own network and sync gigabytes of data without sending them across half the globe.

    With online cloud services I usually prefer the one that gets me the most storage space with a free account. Encryption and stuff is preferrable, but I avoid using that stuff for sensitive data anyways. Dropbox has become my backup storage for dank memes by now.
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    Git my recommendation is.
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    Google drive is the most common these days on work and school

    Hardly heard any use of dropbox and onedrive
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    @trollonaboat He only put a (big) dot to keep track of the thread and probably read it later.
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    @trollonaboat That's my "subscribed" symbol
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    My setup is a bit more complicated, and it's grown out of what I had to build it at the time.

    I have a bunch of raspberry pis connected to gigantic multi-terrabyte drives that I got for cheap. They are distributed across multiple network locations.

    My laptops and all the pis have saltstack installed, with a master node on a public IP (I use linode).

    For files that I update regularly, I have Syncthing installed on all pis, on my main laptop, my Chromebook and my phone.

    For files I use less often, I use git-annex to deduplicate and track where they are across all my possible drives, and if I'm not on the same network as the drive I need the file from, it automatically sets up a port forward through my saltstack master machine.

    It was a crazy journey to get there but I'm pretty happy with it now :)
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    Google. Because 2 dollars for 100 GB suits me better than 10 dollars for 1000 GB.
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