Fucked up the Ubuntu partition while upgrading to 18.04 . Lost data. Fucked up the system further by doing random stuff and seeing what happens. Had to reinstall. Redo the customisations. Install all the ides and softwares.

That was fun. 🙂

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    Uninstalled Ubuntu by formatting the drive couple of days ago , lost grub, had to repair drive by using windows ISO file too lazy to Install Ubuntu again 😂
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    @pirate i am too fucking lazy, but I just can't bear using windows for too long. I just had to reinstall it.
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    *laughs in arch
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    @hashedram maybe next i screw it up. I'll try arch. I'll also be able to put on the arch laptop sticker I have 😍
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    @ceee commeee. Join ussss

    *Fades into darkness
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    @vishesh I just keep important shit on cloud now. And play fearlessly. 😂

    Wait you were not-a-muggle 🤔 we've had some conversation in the past I guess. You "reducto-ed" your account ?
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    @vishesh oh damn a really drastic one.
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