I know you can start a build process in the visual Studio dev console. Is there a way to start this process from a PowerShell sript? And if yes, how do I do this?
I want to/ need to learn automated testing.

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    In the folder where your project lives, run msbuild. you might have to add this to your PATH first, it is somewhere in the vs Installation directory.
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    @TobyAsE any idea how exactly i do this via PowerShell? (total newbie at this)
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    Navigate to the directory of your project in Powershell and type in "msbuild". Done.
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    @TobyAsE ah i see i wasn't clear enough. i meant a PS script, not the shell itself. written with the ISE. Or is it the same there?
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    @KittyMeowstika should be just the same
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