Made a bunch of bad decisions.
This one is the absolute worst.
Studying biology as a main subject intstead of computer science in high school.
Indian people in here would know, studying PCMB is no less than being a dare devil. 🤣
Why did I do that ?
I didn't want to get into medicine.
I just wanted to study it for fun.

And thought, I'll be able to study all of computer science in college 😶.
Its totally useless now.
How much of biology do I remember now ?
Not much.
Studying CS would have been much more beneficial for me.

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    I studied biology in school too. Never regretted it. It was fun though I would've never tried to become a doctor. It's not like there isn't any crossover. There's computational biology, bioinformatics, molecular biology, and a whole bunch of fields that need knowledge of both.

    Have more faith in yourself. No knowledge is useless.
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    You clearly managed to do CS in college pretty successfully. Reading this however reminded me of a guy asking me on my first day in college about what a program really is... Is it a game that we insert from a pen drive on a machine?
    I didn't even know how to react... 🤦‍♂️
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    I love biology, though I did "CS" in school, PCMC++(and SQL, and some other crap). I regret that sometimes.

    Take it from me, you missed out on nothing. In fact I would say as a PCMB or PCMEco you're ahead of the others, because you have so much extra knowledge that you can use somewhere (don't remember the stuff, no problem, a read-through of the old textbook will refresh your memory). Also, like a comment says above, you have a fair advantage in many fields which cross CS and bio.

    Everyone, including me, had to basically redo everything from scratch in college. Yes, we did-CS-in-school types had a slight advantage, but that was about it, and I really felt that by second year, things were pretty much equalised.
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    @RememberMe well even I did PCMC, but I cab definitely say it helped me a lot. The basic being clear from very early on in school did help.
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    Well, being from India, High school gave me the perfect essence of code. When I started to learn C++ ( Cbse) I just fell in love with programming. Though the bookish knowledge of high school and college has nothing to do with your professional programming...but that has a great role in shaping our minds into depth of programming.
    But if you took PCMB , it's okay...it's never too late...I have many friends who started programming in there final year of engineering, but still are great programmers.
    Just believe in yourself and keep on codeing.
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    @hashedram ooo PCMB brotha ! 😆
    I mean there aren't many. There were just two PCMB students in my batch.
    Yeah there are biology + CS things. Tried studying a bit about them. They seemed more like bio major + CS skills and not CS major and bio skills ,moreover bio isn't a skill.
    I felt we are not taught enough in school to apply into bioinformatics. So dropped that idea.
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    I loved bio too, spent last two years of school chilling doing stuff in biology lab 😂. It was an easy subject for me. But my love for bio was like an affair ,it was never meant to be long term, a fling.
    I really love CS now, so I feel "where have you been all this time, oh wait you were just there and I chose not to see you.😣 "
    Also I HATED the people in biology section. I had to spend the best year of school surrounded by jerks all day ! 😑😑😑 While all my friends were in CS class. So that is also why i regret it.
    And yeah biology comes handy sometimes if i need to drop some cool facts on the go.😂
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    @ceee bioinformatics is definitely a cs major with bio skills and not the other way round. Computational biology is mostly cs.

    Also for the record, high schools in India suck at teaching CS. You don't want to spend 2 years clickety clacking on a windows 98 computer running turbo C
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    @hashedram that's old stats, now they teach java and MySQL on pirated windows 7
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    @notAnkur but that's IP and not CS
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    @gitlog shit I forgot i was in ip
    @hashedram hey nothing has changed you're right
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    @hashedram hey my school had Linux. 😶
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