Another absurd job requirement

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    Is there a country in the world that has GPA max value > 4.0?
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    @gitpush some colleges (like mine) follow a 0-10 scale.
    Makes way more sense, seriously, 4 is such a random max value.
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    @RememberMe but why? What's special about it?
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    At my uni the array starts at 2 and stops at 5.5
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    @gitpush 10 is fundamental to the decimal system, it just feels satisfying. Besides, it's easy to convert to an approximate percentage, because that's based on 100, which is just a multiplication by 10 away. Compare the readability of 2.8/4 to 7/10 when both mean 70%.

    @Gregozor2121 wut
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    @RememberMe tbh nothing is special about GPA at all, it does reflect how good the student is, I've seen people with barely 2 out of 4 CGPA better than students with 3.7/4 CGPA
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    @gitpush oh, naturally. But our discussion was on representation of GPAs, heh.
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    @RememberMe side conversation is just my thing lol
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    Old polish grade system
    [2,3,4,5] (2 is the worst one, and means that you didnt pass)
    It is currently used in every (im not sure) uni in my country.
    On some courses (bolognese system) you can get 5.5 for extraordinary activities.

    In high, secondary(they existed when i was learning but now integrated into primary one), primary schools grade system is: [1,2,3,4,5,6]
    Usualy 1 == "failed test" 6 == "extraordinary activity"

    If you have any more questions im happy to anwser.
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    @Gregozor2121 I'll just repeat myself: wut.

    That's one unnecessarily complicated system, lol.
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    Maybe old school education system was fed up when students were arguing that grades should start at 0 or 1 so they started at 2 :P

    (I think the old system might have like 50 years or more... it was used everywhere, but now it is only used at universities)
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    My university follows the German system; a *maximum* score of 0.7 and a *minimum* score of 5.

    I will never comprehend the thought process employed in the design of that inverted system, which is counter-intuitive in every possible way.
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