Setup at work.

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    Don't know why, but it feels wrong to not use Apple's equipment while using MacOS 🤔
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    @N-o-X i just got it my first ever MBP
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    @netctl congrats on that. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I can really recommend the external track pad if you ever have the choice. Those multitasking gestures are just amazing 👌
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    @N-o-X that looks cool. first day using macbook at work and i already feel the need to have apple keyboard & mouse. The ones i have dont work very good with it. Typic apple stuff i think lol.
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    @N-o-X MacOs and multitasking don't really go together, until apple fixes their retarded management system
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    @ObiSwagKenobi can't relate to that. I use multiple desktops on multiple monitors and think it's way easier then on windows for example. Some Linux destros have those desktops too, but not with great gestures 👌
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