An interesting article on silent meeting. I think this is extremely efficient. Thoughts?

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    Have you done 'em at work? Sounds so much better than what I've experienced...

    Man, a large reason I quit my job was because our client led the meetings and they had no idea what they were doing. So. Many. Hours. Wasted. And their SCRUM process was... weird. But that was their M.O. and since they've been doing it for years it must be really good, right? Fuck, that's borderline delusional.

    Get me right, I'm happy with how much effective we got during my year there but there was this unshakable foundation of... time waste. I've never felt as frustrated as when I had to sit through those meetings, and I'd shudder every time I was reminded that we were spending tax dollars (not really dollars though, we used up Sweden-bucks instead).

    It's therapeutic to finally let go of that shit. Imma find me a job where I'll be reminded of how cool people can be instead of going against the grain and try to fix something that is broken. (And, out of my pay grade: I'm a dev after all.)
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    There are some people who make their entire career out of bullshitting at meetings. They bring nothing but utter shit to the table, but are valued as there are equally incompetent shit-heads in the reporting hierarchy above them too. And as they say, birds of same feather folks together!

    In this proposed approach, everything you type is recorded. There is much more accountability and ownership this way.

    I have asked my team to share their perspective on this. I am an individual contributor and it is unfortunately not in my power to implement this. but I will put a sincere fight at-least to test this approach !
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    It looks like a good idea to have things written down at all times, I mean logs are for that but people get lazy.

    The inclusion thing seems to be painting all minorities as unable to voice their opinions by their own, but I know silicon valley does this often so I'm not surprised.
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    I think of it the same way.
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