I just came across this strategy for the rate us section to avoid the lower ratings on the store.

When you click on rate us. It initially presents you with a 5 star with none filled up.
If you click on stars 1 to 3 then a feedback box pops up asking why I'm giving them less stars. Still letting to change them to 5 stars.
If I click on 4 or 5 stars then the app directly takes you to the play store listing where I need to press the 5 star again.

What do you think about this strategy?. Is it worth implementing??

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    It's kinda shady. I'll totally do this in my project. Are there any rules against these things? One common flow I've noticed is:

    > Do you like this app?
    [Yes] [No]
    If No
    > Fuck off.
    If Yes
    > Dear valued customer, hold on to your butt while we catapult you to the store!
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    @ihatecomputers That sure seems more polite rather than just navigating them away from the app.
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