The job I am interning at wants to hire me. Yay.
But they want to start me at basic programmer salary, which makes me feel really sad about doing another 1.5 years of specialisation education.
Just to get hired at the salary of what I could have started at 1.5 years ago.

They even keep talking about how competent I am, and how easy it has been implementing me.
I studied to specialise so it would be easy.
Fucking pay the convenience fee.

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    I started at basic salary as well, within a year I'm earning more than the average dev in NL does after 4 years.
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    @Codex404 I do think I could get a raise really quick, but it still makes the extra 18 months seem like a waste of time.
    I could have gotten a raise already.
    Instead I just have more debt.
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    Have you tried negotiating? Obviously you risk them rescending the offer. Or maybe they'll negotiate or stick with their first offer.

    But most companies aren't going to offer the max they are willing with the initial offer. Explain why you think you deserve what you ask for.
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    Salary negotiation is also a skill, one that isn't taught in most (any?) CS unis. You have to pick that one up yourself.
    Read up on it, ask for other people's experiences, practice in multiplayer games with open markets =)
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    Thanks for all the comments. I asked for just a little more, and they accepted it.
    I told them that if they didn't accept my offer, then I would be looking at other options, but if they accepted it, I wouldn't look at all.
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    @NotSoap only say such things if you really mean it, otherwise don't.

    And I personally think it can be your advantage if you don't say it at all.
    Give them an counter offer which is more than you would think is fair, if they agree then deal, otherwise go a bit lower and give that as your final bid.
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    @NotSoap it’s always about the value you bring to the table. Certainly it’s a bit more than the average fresh out of school or autodidact just starting out as they already know you and you have background knowledge of the company.
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