We are upgrading to nodejs 8 late, because no one is tracking versions. I had to rage a prove war with everyone that we must upgrade because node 6 is ended lts. This week i have to argue with one of the admins that the build server should be updated also (jenkins). And his problem is that our private jenkins server is not used only by our company, but other companies under our group. In my mind the only question is who decides our or other company project is important to build nor6maly. And why we should care ..
Every fucking time its a war against stagnant and/or lazy people.

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    The place I left had production applications running on node v0.10

    It used to drive me mad
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    @mrmr from at least two colleagues i hear "once installed you never change or update" i get some sort of reason in it, but on the other hand : security, stability, speed improvements
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    in jenkins we generally use NVM to provide projects with different runtimes on the same machine
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    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    "LTS" shouldn't mean a year or two in business, not even in a startup. That just means you're spending 90% of your time chasing the shiny thing even if you don't intend to. That's not even as "long" as my penis ffs.

    "LTS" should be looking at the lifetime of XP or longer. And no breaking backwards compatibility. Ever. Not even for security. Introduce the new safe way separately.
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    @d4ng3r0u5 well if its .NET or php 7 or python3 OK. But for nodejs its not ok at all :)
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