I've promised to do the Mozilla rant about the whole meritocracy thing a few days ago.. well, this is that. Along with some other stuff along the way. Haven't ranted for a couple of days man, shit happened! But losing 6 days that could've been spent on finishing my power supply project.. to a stupid cold, it got a little bit on my nerves, so that's what I've been working on for the time being. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it up in a couple of days.

1. COCKtail party thingy

Turns out that there's this conference in Brussels in a couple of days about the whole Article 13 copyright stuff. I've been letting a mail to the MEP's about it mature on my systems for a while now.. well, maturing or procrastinating, you be the judge πŸ˜›
Now I'm glad that I waited with that though. It's mostly a developer-centric insight into how the directive would be a horrible idea.. think AI, issues with context recognition, Tom Scott's video on Penistone and Scunthorpe etc etc. But maybe I can include some stuff from the event afterwards.
Also, if you're coming to the conference too, do let me know! Little devRant meet while we're at it, it'd be fucking great! I'll try to remember to bring my Christmas ducks, they've got these cute little Santa hats πŸ˜‹

(P.S.: about the whole COCKtail, I saw the email while drunk and during registration I had to choose an email address.. I figured, feminazis are doing such a great job at going out of their way to find offense in everything, I figured that I'd make their job a little bit easier by sending a COCK bomb in my registration mail address, in the hopes that it finds its way to one of them.. evil, I know XD)

2. The whole feminazi stuff at Mozilla

So Mozilla hates meritocracy now? I've been wanting to rant about the big bad meritocracy for a while now. Thank you Mozilla for giving me an incentive to actually do it!

Meritocracy, feminazis think it's bad because it's about power relationships and discrimination, right? But what if I told you that that is exactly what makes great software great. Good code, good merit, is what's welcomed in software development.. or at least it should be. Because it's a job of fucking knowledge, experience, and quality! Also, meritocracy is a great thing because nobody cares if you're a professional developer in a suit, getting paid to work on a piece of OSS, or a homegamer neonazi who's coding shit in their underwear while wanking to child porn.. nobody fucking cares. If your code, your merit, is good, contribute ahead! Super inclusive, yet apparently bad because bad code is excluded to ensure the health of the project.

So what is the alternative to the big bad meritocracy? Inclusion (or as it's looked like in practice, more like exclusion) based on gender/sex, political orientation, things like that. But not actual fucking merit, the ability to write good code. How the fuck is politics and gender going to be any good at all to an inherently meritocratic craft?! Oh but yeah, it's great for inclusion. It's like females in tech. Artificial growth is just a matter of growth numbers and the only folks who like it are fucking HR and wanketeering cunts, and feminazis. Merit, that's what matters!! And have you ever considered that females are generally not interested in technology? Or for that matter, where's our inclusion movement for men in healthcare?! Gender equality my ass.

That's just my two cents on it of course. Meritocracy shouldn't be abandoned in tech. And even if it's just a matter of calling it something else. How the fuck is it a good idea to not call a pot a fucking pot just because someone might take offense at it?! It's meritocracy, call it fucking meritocracy!!! And while we're at it, call a master a fucking master and a slave a fucking slave!

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    The day we start hiring based off descriptive features (race, gender, ect) over skills is the day we're fucked.

    We're fucked.
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    Too long did read, I probably should prepare some popcorn for the incoming cognitive dissonance and insults regressive lefts might feel compelled to comment.🍻
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    Why are you against no-meritocracy.

    My code will have no home if merit is required in projects. 🀣
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    @fahad3267 I guess mine neither but there's always space to improve
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    Why are you against no-meritocracy?
    My code will have no home in any project if meritocracy is applied πŸ˜‚
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    @fahad3267 if you write shit code you have no place in a job then.

    We can be unemployed buddies because that's my specialty
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    @fahad3267 that's one way to look at it 🀣
    @JKyll beer and popcorn's all ready! 😁
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    Everything is shit these days, even the shit is shit!

    Then these whiny millennials who are broke because they can't code and spend all their money on avocado toasts and Starbucks. And those women who hit the double whammy of being both ugly and stupid so that they become feminist idiots with blue hair, and then rage about harassment although nobody would harass them if not properly paid, which they can't afford because of the avocado toasts. Not that the men are better, they are pussies with no fucking balls and whine in "safe spaces".

    Plus that they code new stupid JavaScript frameworks when they hang out at Starbucks, those useless fuckers, and they can't tell DRAM from SRAM because they already need an app just to remind them of breathing, that's today's level of stupidity.

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    @fast-nop I'm glad I was around elderly people a lot of my childhood lol. (Grandparents watched me during the summers while my parents worked)

    I'm not like most of them (I write shit code like them, but I'm not whiny and fiscally ignorant).
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    What's the COCKtail party thingy? I may have missed it.
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    @ethernetzero it's something in Brussels, limme find it on my calendar real quick...

    On the 16th at 17:30 in the Belliardstraat 190, 1040 Brussel, Belgium apparently. It does require registration. https://eventbrite.com/e/... is the untracked version of the link that I've been sent.
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    @Condor Oh, thanks for the link. πŸ˜ƒ
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    @ethernetzero do let me know if you'll be there! πŸ˜ƒ
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    @Condor Most definitely won't, but have a nice beer for me anyways.

    Two or more if anyone else around here ends up meeting you there. πŸΊπŸ€“
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    @ethernetzero you betcha! My treat! 🍻
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