Removed a package from my web app yesterday, turns out the package also removes Bootstrap as it's a dependency. TF?! Who removes Bootstrap with an insignificant plugin? Why?!

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    Same thing with many Linux distros. Good that Arch Linux doesn't do this. Pacman package manager for the win.
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    If the package is installed with bootstrap, its a dependency of bootstrap, thus its perfectly normal of it removing bootstrap.
    Howevr, if the package has bootstrap as a dependency, bootstrap will not be removed *provided* that another pkg has bootstrap as dep and/or bootstrap is set to manual install.

    Setting manual install, is easy as "sudo apt-get install <pkg>" when that pkg is already installed. It will then say sometimes like "<pkg> was marked as manually installed"
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    @sebastian: Sure, in your Linux world. This was Visual Studio, which the default web apps come with Bootstrap. The whole app is dependent on Bootstrap... TF koTable?!
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