JsonX is a an IBM standard to represent JSON in XML...

Like wtf dude? What's the point in making shit even more verbose than the original XML ?

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    Well there would be multiple ways to do it without a standard. Be happy there is a standard.
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    I can't get why XML is still a thing
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    I can't get why html is still a thing
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    @irene it's still used in Java projects a lot. For example, a bank in which my mom's money is, has software written in Java. Also Android uses XML for storing information about apps (like metadata and keys, all of that is related to some APK/ODEX (Dalvik era) or a folder with application's binaries (ART era)).
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    Never heard of JSON, but I'm a huge fan of JSONx!
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    @dmonkey XML still has much more mature validation features than JSON. It still has its place IMHO, but JSON simplified many use cases that didn't need the structural rigidness of XML.

    Then you have things like https://json-schema.org/ which aims for the reverse: making JSON validatable against a schema.

    At the end it's all a matter of what tool to use for the job, and XML can still be a good choice for certain use cases.
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    For me XML makes only potentially sense together with xslt and if you need to apply functionality on tags and their content.
    For „storing“ content, objects,... JSON is the Choice
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    @irene I'd say that's because it looks old compared to json and similar formats, but @oxmox actually changed my mind
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    Next up, htmlJ
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    @irene "oh, we want a csv but not csv. What should we do?" You know what? I accually invented a data format called 'csvon' for one of my data-driven applications, the rate of data was about 50% of total traffic and the other was meta characters when I was using json (quotes, braces, field names), so I switched to csv and added object notation, and called it csvon !! I saved about 45% network traffic! 🤓
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    @irene I'm kind of a "that's web-server's job" person. :)
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    @VikiMaster2 It's a joke :p
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    Anyone using graph?
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    @Proximyst I know I'm just exaggerating atop of yours :P
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    @Chewy8 yes..I have done some first stuff with it and the beginning was very frustrating as I need a while to get the whole picture. But now I think the concept is beautiful
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    Still better than yaml...
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    @piehole whats wrong about yaml?
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    @oxmox syntactic white space. Also, no idea what problem it solves that json or xml doesn’t
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    @piehole yaml allows anchors...json not and its more robust by embedding other formats
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    @irene lol, I have a script that transforms CSV to json :)
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    @irene huauuhauuh it was needed for a job, we had an excel sheet that needed to be passed to a server as json by aggregating the data bellow a columns value.

    Its pretty neat :)
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    And some day, the architect will decide to finally ditch XML and do all comunication in Json. Which leads to the logical conclusion of JSONx encoded in Json:

    "children": [
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    @piehole JSON is valid in YAML, so you can just use that 😉
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    @Proximyst I had to look for your "i'm joking" comment
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    Can confirm 👍 @620hun
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