Three days after I purchased iPhone XS, I had to install a new modem at home. The phone wouldn’t connect to the wifi network in the higher frequency band. The guy who came to install the modem dished out the theory that the phone must be too damn old to support it. That burn!

PS: it connected almost a couple of seconds later that. As if it was some kind of extra layer of authentication. Well played Apple.

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    Problem number one is buying an iPhone 😏😂

    (I don't give a shit what you use. Just a joke.)
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    Enough of iOS iOS iOS...
    Used it for almost 2 years, now moved back to Android... OnePlus5T
    And YES i am very happy
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    @Stuxnet can’t access office emails and calendar events on Android. It has been helpful that way.
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    @noms89 it’s a cool phone. My brother has it . He’s pretty much happy with it.
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    First world problem lol
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    Totally! Lol
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