Best part about home automation?

Morning coffee right in the face when your automation system breaks and goes nut.

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    Actually wakes you up
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    Nice, no need for dishes anymore.
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    @Codex404 Of course... Too bad there is no ground washing robot around... Had to clean everywhere myself :D
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    @potata I expected a nice flow of coffee on your face into your mouth...
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    @Codex404 Hehe, that would be helpful but robots can't aim that well so they splash everywhere and it's AI says that 10% on the human - is acceptable :D
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    @potata there used to be a roomba that was able to to wet cleaning iirc
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    Create a sensor to check for mug and implement it. My coffee machine will not auto-pour if there is no cup
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    @fml89 You see... The sensor won't really help if:

    1. The mug broke due to hot water
    2. The sensor itself broke
    3. Someone spilled water over sensor and it thinks that it's there

    As of my case, the issue #2 happened as someone accidentally bent it resulting in a short circuit (it was a prototype, you know, that `i'll fix this later` kind of)
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    @potata i did it with a scale - it checks for a certain weight (empty mug) and otherwise will only pour when using an actual button. Should your mug break the weight would be wrong - if it splits because of hot water, well you know shit happens :x
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