When you get a little confused

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    It went too smoothly. Something has to be wrong!
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    "Oh damn it, it complete succesfully again!"
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    @fergor and message be.... Oops something went right 😂
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    This is exactly hos my work does logging!


    Seems excessive to implement log4j if all is logged as error :/
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    There was this website which asked me to register and when I did that.. It gave me an JavaScript alert box with the title "Oops" and the description was: "You have successfully registered."

    I was like.. So should I be happy about it.... Or sad?
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    It worked. Why?
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    Same thing when you reverse randomly the "Yes" and "No" buttons on a popup :D
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    In August 2016 I worked in a company where the program always showed an error popup and it just had all errors listed in it. So if it completed successfully, it showed

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