Hypothetical survey:

Ctrl + s still saves your work but at the same time it pushes to production. How fucked are you?

  • 3
    guilty! that's my workflow.
  • 10
    Not fucked at all.
    I use :w
  • 6
    This is how your boss imagines continuous deployment.
  • 1
    Well, I'm not fucked. But about 100,000 other people just got there lives ruined if that happened.
  • 2
    I do not remember when was the last time I hit C-s in my IDE :) IntelliJ has a very convenient autosave functionality.
  • 8
    Unplug internet when saving
  • 2
    @netikras the worst part is when the ide has auto save, but C s is bound to something else. Old habits die hard.
  • 0
    @ganjaman underrated! Have my vote.
  • 1
    @netikras yet I still press Ctrl+S at least twice each line I write, from pure habit (and a good one, I consider). So yeah, I would be pretty fucked, 99% wouldn't even compile...
  • 1
    Both vscode and intellij do autosave fot me ;)
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    “Oh, hell, no”, he said as he removed the Ethernet cable and wireless network card from his computer.
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