Got to love this posting. The title says React JS developer but they are looking for someone who knows angular. I am confused.

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    And they want you to know angular 5 JS...
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    They are looking for unicorn
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    @devTea there are unicorn postings no doubt, but I have another theory too. It goes something like this.

    HR: dev team you got approved for one more dev. How should the job listing read?

    Dev lead: hmm. Well I could certainly use somebody to work with react native, but also a designer to just work on html, css and photoshop would also be helpful, and maybe i should get somebody to help me with the back end stuff. Someone who knows Spring is gonna cost more than the others though... hmm

    HR: got it! I’ll write up the post (you get above)

    Dev Lead: wait no that’s not...
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