Async/await my ass!

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    Why would i do that
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    Waiting on my ass is quite literally the reason why I have time to browse devrant.
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    Agreed! "Promises" indeed...

    ...and then I figure JS generators will be better right?

    I miss IEnumerable in C# so much...
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    @stisch what does ienumerable have to do with it?

    Also you can use Object.freeze to the same effect
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    What's the matter? I use it in a regular base and the only think it does is helping me avoiding the V-Antipattern (thus, creating flatter and better readable code).
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    @stisch Fuck Generators! yield myAss()
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    @inaba IEnumerable is a way of doing main-thread asynchronous execution. Unity uses them for coroutines and they're my favorite way of doing simultaneous work.
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