Software engineering is becoming main stream.

It will become the average job in the future. Anyone who cant dev is going to be poor and do the dirtiest jobs.

Dev average income is going to drop, mainly because a shit loads of frameworks and dumbification of software and code creation will be set in place to accomodate large population as devs.

The will create a seperation between the normal idiot dev who will be paid minimum wage and the smart ones that create the frameworks and dumbed down code creating tools.

Its oversimplified obviously because im not taking into account sys admin and so on but in general it will follow that trend. Its like this today but because there isnt enough devs, idiots are still revered and payed big bucks.

Give it 50 to 75 years imo.

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    Most depressing Santa, ever :(
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    @fattymiller i thinks its logical rather than depressing. That equation works for everything.

    When something is new all its derivatives are considered cool.

    As time goes on we recognize which varients are better and pay more and more money for subtle changes towsrds what is best. All the rest is affordable for large public hence cheap.

    Same as inflation.

    The other possibility is that we have universal income. But we need to reduce the population and i have not found any acceptable way of doing that... yet.... Yet :)
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    Predicting 50 years, cause that always ends up well...
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    I reckon in some 50 years most software developers will only be working on AI.
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