Have you ever had a boss or team leader who didn't know how to program?

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    I think woznaik is the right person to answer
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    It can happen, but the leader has to be a great man to fit the role.
    Think otherwise - you are the boss of all the people working for you, for example, fixing your car.
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    working in a totally different profession - yes.
    why bother commenting? because my boss tried to tell me that this and that might be easier for a programmer to handle once we digitalize a workflow. since i am the spare time programmer i was a little amused/annoyed. try to convince him otherwise today...
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    horrible to deal with such people.
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    My C++ teacher doesn't know how to program! 😶
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    @iamsurajsharma So I guess he/she is not a C++ teacher then.
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    Have you ever had a boss that could code? And who was competent?

    I've had one boss who was a dev; he was largely useless. All of the rest have been incompetent muggles who found sudoku challenging.
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