Cousin: So what are you learning at school?
Me: Programming, PC Networks, Hardware and so on.
Cousin: Oh really? I just have to make presentation to school. I will send it to your account thanks I appreciate it... 🤔

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    lol.. soon this cousin will ask you to hack a Facebook id of a guy harassing his GF...

    Motherfuckers civilians !!
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    @noms89 I hope it never happens.
    Yop shame on them.
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    Bloody muggles
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    Say you're working on it until right before the deadline, then send them an empty file.
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    @qdsp13 hahahahha..savage
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    @qdsp13 ooor I can send to him file which will look like PowerPoint file but it will be script with spam. I will tell him this is the same version than older. nothing new... and he will open it in school. :3
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