Chat Journal. A chat-based journal application.

An android app I built past month using flutter and flask for the server.

I started with flutter around 2 months ago. I believe it's the way mobile development is supposed to be. It's a treat for every mobile developer out there.

I used flask to build the server, database and even made my own analytics engine. Made an awaful lot of mistakes at the beginning but I think I'm improving at this day by day.

This probably is my biggest and definitely the coolest project so far. There's some saying
"If you have completed building 90% of something, there's 90% more to be built". It's called the 180% rule (or something similar) which literally signifies the difference between building something and building something well enough to be able to publish on the playstore. And this project taught me that.

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    And why is Flutter how mobile dev should be? Dart is a garbage language
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    @iceman oh sure. It's garbage at the beginning with its single threaded approach and all that. That's what I said when I started using it. But trust me if you spend a bit more time getting to know about the language and how 'async' works you'll really be able to enjoy developing with it and appreciate it as much as I do.
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