@dfox in case you havent already discovered it i have found a bug with notifications in the iOS app.
Steps to reproduce:
1. open notifications
2. tap one of them as many times as you can really fast
3. It generates a new view controller for every time you tapped it.

obviously having to tap furiously is a bit obnoxious but i originally noticed it when the app was running slow and i tapped the notification a second time. It created 2 new view controllers instead of one so i had to actually go back twice to get back to the notifications screen.

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    same in the android version
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    Devrant self hosting as a bug tracking system. This is so awesome! But yea please fix that bug.
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    This is why I would never write an app aimed at developers, and why @dfox and @trogus are very brave for doing so! 👏🏻

    I mean, what normal user spams buttons just to see what happens?! ;)
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    I occasionally have the same with rants when I try to double tap one.
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    Thanks, I'll take a look at this. Just to note though, while it may be a little annoying and seem weird, it shouldn't actually break anything or require any extra work to go back, because we only allow one rant screen to be open at a time, so if multiple get opened the old ones should close.
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    lol this also happens with images on twitter
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