mild rant. Android phone updated last night. Phone rings this morning. Swiping right to answer does not work. After putting glasses on, I can read the miniscule "swipe up..." text. OK, they put some words on there, not their fault I tried to answer the phone without glasses. But, why the world change how the phone gets answered? What it really a problem? I've already discovered a new one: reaching into my pocket to get out ringing phone caused an accidental swipe up so the call was answered before I got to look at the caller id info. Just another thing changed that wasn't broken to begin with. And no, I could not find a setting to change it back.

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    It's not the first time they changed it. Not to mention that each manufacturer has their own implementation to further confuse customers.

    I've seen my parents struggling to answer their phones for a number of times.

    But to be real, who even calls you these days but someone trying to sell you something. So not being able to answer is just saving you time.
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    BTW, I have a Moto G5S Plus. An excellent phone for the $.
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    You can find other dialler apps and solve this but I see what you mean, they did it just because they could.
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    Android just loves change for change's sake... Even the dev tools - most days, my APK is 3 MB... Sometimes it is 13 MB. With NO CHANGES IN CODE/LIBRARIES!
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