I just realized that devrant is the *only* community I can resort to lol. I can't rant to any of my coworkers about work. can't rant to any of my colleagues in college because they are fucking idiots. I tried to help them improve time and time again but they just blatantly refuse and I just gave up and said fuck you guys. can't rant to my family or friends cause they can't understand shit about code.don't know if any other platform that has a community that's as amazing as this one. so I would've been practically alone if it wasn't for devrant. thank you guys for enduring my bullshit over the past year. and thank you for the developers for creating this awesome community. I don't really know what I'm talking about but I guess I had to rant a little. if you've read this far. Thank you.

guess this turned into a rant of it's own. lol. will write the actual rant in another post. XD

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    Ranting blows off a lot of steam i know exactly how you feel bro. Yeah same thing happened to me in uni too. I expected meeting people enthusiastic about programming and do cool stuff with them but i was the only guy who knew how to do more than printing to a console. It sucks seeing how people can be so not-passionate about their major while you are. Also sucks to be alone. Welcome to the club :)
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    @AymanH I am soooo glad to know that I'm not the only one that feels that way about college. daemn it feels good XD
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    @Admin-who check my previous rant, you'd be surprised
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