Hey man can you fix my tv, computer, toaster, phone, or hack this phone i found, can you hack me a wifi, can you make me a website/app i have a really good idea. (For free of course)
Hey man you only need a good idea for an app then become rich.
(Insert countless of other retarded requests here)

Someone kill me

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    "I have this idea for an app, and if you make it you can have 50% of the profit."
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    @LucaScorpion so generous of you. most people give me like 10% or 20%. Genius right?
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    Can you program my new dehumidifier 😀 - got that request first time this summer.
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    Try coming from computational chemistry. You get all the stupid request programmers have to deal with plus "Hey can you make X" with X being element of the set of all imaginable psychoactive substances. Talking to people outside of the subject becomes really annoying at some point.
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    Developers life summed up
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    Yesterday I was asked to hack a netflix account. Srsly
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