Have you used Postgresql with EF Core code first? My migrations don't run. It says in correct syntax near GENERATE. I don't know if this is a bug or I'm doing something stupid

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    @xzvf shut the fuck up you fucking peice of shit. I DO WHAT EVER I WANT. Go and fly a fucking kite.
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    I understand that. But there is a way of conveying that message. If you treat people right you will get the same in return. Thats exactly what happened here. I don't need your help actually. You are not a nice human being. Thank you.
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    @xzvf also for the record, I don't usually tolerate internet bullies like you. I don't care who you are.
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    There is no need for RTFM or FUCK OFF. You could have just said hey dude your question isn't clear. Change it using these guidelines.

    You came out and talked down on me. Well my friend thats not how it works.

    I can go on this. But I have better things to do. So lets conclude this.

    You don't make the rules around here. So you don't get to act tough guy. Nobody gives a shit. If you are not willing to help and if you are lacking basic humanity, you could have just ignored.

    Anyway, I enjoyed this conversation. Thank you.
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    Wow, what's happened to this place? So much butt hurt. Jeesh! Clearly this place isn't SO, and lashing out that hard at someone pointing out that obvious fact seems rather childish.
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