How devrant changes me #1:
I'm a little bit more active on devrant since about a week. Improvement so far:
1. I spent only 20% of the time on Facebook i usually do
2. I really enjoy the nice community
3. I even more enjoy that i notice there are more "dudes like me" :D i mean.. I'm tired of telling my "normal" friends how happy i am because i wrote some awesome code and just get a "eeeh.. Nice." back because they dont understand and often dont even try to understand whats so special for me.
4. Even if my english is still kinda bad, i notice that i get better with every rant i post. I mean.. That post cost me about 3 min. I swear 7 days ago it would have cost me minimum 7 minutes to get this lines down :)

Thanks devrant :)

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    Ok, 1 thing to rant. On my mobile i cant press the "dont show this share blabla again" - button after posting a rant :D
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    Welcome to this awesome place man! Let's work towards dumping Facebook 😎
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    I had sever anxiety because of old job and manager. DevRant helped me in those time to vent out.

    When I look back, indeed it was dark times and DevRant was only place to curse those people.
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    @OPM46 cant imagine something like this at any other (online) social platforms :)

    @Hubot-0x58 just like me. My coding skills are still, besides plc programming, under "pre junior dev" level (or at least i think so). But simply by reading rants/posts from more experienced devs I learn so much new things. Even if it's just "ah, i never heard of that and that. Let me google it" i feel like getting deeper into programming :) ok, maybe i just have this feeling and it is not true, but it definetly motivates me!
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    Your friends must be really nice. Mine always answer "bless you" or "Is that an STD?"
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