i just started using UIKit and i think it's better than bootstrap

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    If you have a big project and you want to change from bootstrap, better tie your legs and jump off a bridge.
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    It's safe to assume everything is better than bootstrap.
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    I use bulma for my projects. It's not the same I know, UI kit has a lot of components and things you wouldn't even think of but I like the simplicity of bulma.
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    I prefer doing CSS from scratch
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    I used materilize and looks good. in UI kit do i need to use jQuery ?
    or only all i nedd to do is add classes ajd it will automatically take care of everything ?
    Because in materilize for making a side nav you need to import jQuery 2.3 and then call sidenav function
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    no, it doesnt need jquery
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    @socksAndSandles I'm saying that as a person focussed on backend
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    Yeah, Bulma is great. As @DanijelH said, it's not as much a UI framework as it is layout, but it's amazing
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    I feel materilize is great. I have used bulma and ui3 and bootstrap. But the way to search something in materilize is fairly easy.
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