From a non paying client (friend) whose multi million dollar business app I'm coding for free

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    Well... He's not aware his app needs a backdoor so you can fuck with his customers.
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    People who don't pay aren't clients by definition.
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    @Fast-Nop i think you're not a client by definition
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    @shaji yeah, but at least you're not dumb enough to code unpaid shit for my multi million dollar business.
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    @Fast-Nop you know what else he does.he makes me change stuff and then makes me change stuff back every single time. Makes me write the content and then finds fault with what I have written and makes it better by changing one word. Does he has a marketing degree and I don't.
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    @shaji Since your time isn't worth a penny, he has no reason to think twice before he wastes your time. So why should he act differently?

    Stop working for free, bill him the hours, and all out of a sudden, he will think about how to make productive use of your time. It's as easy as that.
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    Is it against the rules to call BS on some of these?
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    Looks very legit. /s
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    Just mine his customers data...
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    Bill him. Something. Anything. If he's not willing to pay tell him to go fuck himself with a red hot poker. Right now he's not just a shit (non)client but also a shit friend.
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    I hope he is paying you in other means, like favors or finding you girls or something, cuz this kinda thing is a typical lead by bad example
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    @shaji Why don't you just drop it?
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    @Tylord89 coz hes a friend. Friends support each other. Didn't you learn anything from Shrek?
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    @shaji if he were a friend, he wouldn't waste your time. He's just using "friendship" as pretext to get free labour, that's it. The only worse thing is when family members do that kind of shit.
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    @shaji I think your friend is taking advantage of you. If you say you don't have time to work for free anymore I bet he'll guilt trip you hard and argue a "real" friend would surely "just do this little thing".

    I've had a "friend" like this before. I didn't realise for far too long that he only talked to me when he needed something. I'm better off without him
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