follow on from my last rant.

I've finally gotten my new Jira project. Only thing I seem to have access to change is the Kanban board columns. Still has 50+ fields when creating a ticket etc.

Asked the support team handling the request if this was a mistake. He said no, i'll need to open another ticket to have those changes requested.

Opened and got a reply. Currently there are 2 versions of Jira running. They are working on consolidating them atm and won't help me right now until this is done. I've been asked to re-open my request after the consolidation is done in March 2019.

5 ... fucking ... months, so I can have a competent ticketing process.

He pointed me to a page explaining the move and listing all the changes taking place. Well lets look at the changes they are making that are so critical:

Change 14: Rename "More info" status to "Needs more info".

... Oh pardon me. I didn't realise such critical show stoppers were being addressed. Please do continue. Don't mind me, i'll just be over here taking 4 hours to create an Epic and 6 stories. As you were

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    I really don't know what Jira is......... but you seem to suffer immensely from it or the way your fellow developers are using it 😂. a part of me hopes that you don't change to a better system to keep the rants going lol.
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    @Admin-who Jira is basically tracking of development lifecycle process. It follows agile methodology. So in short, your whole project tracking is done by jira website
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    @Admin-who behold the definition of mediocrity: https://atlassian.com/software/...

    *To be fair its not Jira's fault. Jira is highly configurable and plug-able into other systems. The problem is EVERY company that uses it has one bellend that decides "Well every ticket must have the below, it doesn't make sense otherwise"

    - title
    - summary
    - description
    - assignee
    - reporter
    - label(s)
    - component(s)
    - link(s)
    - initiative
    - department
    - system
    - acceptance criteria
    - version found
    - version fixed
    - priority
    - type
    - story points
    - blocked reason
    - epic
    - tester
    - reviewer
    - business value
    - attachements
    - due date
    - done date
    - sprint
    - sub component
    - additional info (because title, summary, description and label all just didn't quite cut it)
    - start date
    - participants
    - maiden name
    - current gender
    - asperations
    - interests
    - hobbies
    - fears

    ... ok so the last 6 I made up, the rest I did not. That is 1 ticket in the current setup!!!
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    @practiseSafeHex and you do this for every ticket? daaaaaemn
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    Do I need to write my blood type on Jira too?
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    @Admin-who most are optional, but takes fucking forever to load the damn screen because most are drop downs. So it has to load like 200 different lists from the bowels of hell.

    There’s also a different set for story’s, epics, bugs, and whatever the fuck a “pre-condition” is. You know what I call a pre-condition? The fucking ticket before this one
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    @helmerjunior it’s optional but expected by management
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    We had this idea, that Jira ticket name should be more descriptive. So instead of saying "Add new SW register fooBar" you name the ticket as "FR33944922". This is much better, since now you see all your feature requests in one glance. And then you just need to find the correct excel from one of the sharepoints to map the FR33944922 ticket to CR949-45452-24299, and from another excel you can easily see that this (vagualy) means "add SW register fooBar".
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    oh come on now, anyone blaming jira didn't have to work with mantis nor tfs.
    I mean sure, it's hardly perfect and tends get slowish after a while but like @practiseSafeHex said, the vast majority of what's wrong with it is garbage workflow or shitty ticket definition (or both). The underlying system is fine
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