Developed a feature 4 weeks ago with a lot of requirements from PO, even more from QA, wrote beautiful code/tests, was actually happy after deploy since everything worked beautifully.
Sales increased a lot because of this.

Story created in Jira today by mentioned PO: As a PO I want to have that feature removed because it doesn‘t work in IE9. PO decides so I had to do this.

So: What exactly is the best way to hide a body?

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    Best way is to put him as attachment into a jira ticket in the nice to have backlog.
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    @ShotgunSurgeon good idea.
    Backlog has hundreds of tickets with questions like: Why does feature xx not work on (insert smartphone from 2009) so nobody will ever find it.
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    POs do dumb shit. They think they know the business so well and sometimes they try to talk technical. Well POs are jerks. I've seen a PO yelling on the phone " You are not the PO, you are just a srucm master. Do as I say". WTF.
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