Last Sunday the boss says:

About this project we are working on, the client stopped paying, so we are not touching it untill we hear back from him.

Spent the whole week learning new technologies, and having a good time.

Guess what happens this morning...
Listen, about that project, they paid and it needs to be delivered by tomorrow morning! shouldn't be a problem, right?

Well actually...

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    Anger levels just increased in my soul. It's times like this that it becomes apparent that the programmer is not a person but an object to be used.
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    I can see your twitching eye lid right through my screen. I'm wondering what happens if you get ill tonight.
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    That PM... Living in utopia that software can magically be done with the tips of a magic wand! We're wizard of course... *Roll eyes*
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    It’s this sort of smarmy management bullshit that really pisses me off.

    And the cunt delivering the news always ends up getting a fat commission.
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    "yes, that is a problem."
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    Sounding off that it's a problem calmly but firmly seems like the right way to go.

    management usually follows up with an ETA query. would be good to estimate how much more time is needed. Estimate could be contingent or exclusive of time other team members need - but components un/accounted for in estimate should be conveyed.
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