Is it just me or Social media has made everyone philosophers automatically.

Like pretty dumb and hopeless folks you know in real life be posting some smart and motivational shit they copied off of some random site.

Dude get your dumbass off my screen mehn...coming around here giving advice on how to make my life better...have you seen your life lately?

It can't be just me...

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    I like your username lol

    I used to rock Kratos a lot back when I played games lol
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    Haha, Thanks man.

    The name stuck you know. It has a root with my actual names.
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    Kratos sounds like some ancient Greek philosopher who can debate the shit out of you. ;-)

    Though real philosophy isn't motivational stuff, mostly. It's not even about answers, rather about questions.
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    You know what I never put it together but you're right, it's always the useless cunts that repost motivational memes and shit.

    The successful people post their own observations and content, on hindsight.

    Fuck lazy assholes.
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    @rant1ng I refuse to follow anyone with "entrepreneur" in their bio. They have a 100% chance of being a douchebag in their 20s not doing shit that actually qualifies them as an entrepreneur.

    Drop shipping shitty Chinese products at a 300% price tag isn't drop shipping and idk what dumb asses actually fall for it.
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    Social media has also made people photographers, publishers, critics, the list goes on.
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    @JKyll unable to take jokes as a big one lol
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    @Stuxnet sticks and bones may break my bones, but your profile triggers me so I want you off my digital safe space REEE!
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    You're very right about the kratos name. It's a family thing.

    Of course, I mean "philosophers" in the sarcastic term.
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    It gets better when they like their own post.
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    Same bro, I do the same but rarely, In my Instagram stories I post some quotes about success that make you think but I only do that like once/twice a month to not bother other Ppl.

    Ppl watch it cuz im a teen and already made quite the career for me...
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    Yeah, You'd have a justifiable reason to.
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    I tell ya!
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