Every new joiney in a team is like a person entering in room from bright sunlight.

They keep on suggesting until their pupil get dilated and they see the creature they have to work on.

Half elephant, parts horse and parts bear suppose to do work of T-Rex.

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    You clearly forgot the duck feet that the last PM desperately wanted to add one day before he way made redundant.
    Nobody really knows why, because the project already had one pair of paws (cat, I think, but it never was documented and there's no ticket. Could be lion... Nah, wait, that's the mane) and one pair of hooves (is that... A gnu? Or a table, no idea, but I think the guy who built it read about it on stackoverflow and just did it before leaving for greener pastures... Or wait, he got fired for working high on Crack... Or was that the guy who added the beak?

    Anyway, we couldn't decide whether to use bear, cat or elephant ears, so we got both... But the intern messed up the order and we never realized until it was out, so it's got a trunk and antlers now...
    Anyway, welcome to the job. There's a bucket in the corner in case you need to... Rethink your breakfast.
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    Haha, what a great analogy! Hits too close to home :D
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