5 words horror story

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    why? Isn't java a good platform?
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    @altermind it is, and just like all programming languages, it has it's pros and cons.
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    @Larsg310 so why this post? Isn't a good thing that 3billion devices worldwide run java?
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    I don't think Java is that bad :/ in fact it's my first love
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    I think a real 5 word horror story would be "3 billion devices run flash"
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    Well, this means that 3 billion devices doesn't have any memory leaks.

    It's easy to hate something that you don't know anything about
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    @altermind good God why?
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    @altermind Java the language is okay. Java the platform is a mess and the runtime environment was second only to flash in terms of security issues in 2015*.

    *According to this random security company blog post I found with Google: https://heimdalsecurity.com/blog/...

    The biggest problem with Java seems to be that they've done a better job at selling it as a secure platform than actually making it a secure platform.

    (insert suggestion that everyone learn Rust here)
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    5 billions devices fooled
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    But isn't the insecure aspect just the web start stuff and applets? The part id Java that directly interferes with the web? If you disable the web stuff java is as secure as other languages. There is not real difference then.
    The insecure argument started way back in their early days where Java was for sure not secure. But Today, there aren't any security holes left that could be heavily abused. There are some. But those get fixed fast imo
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    That stat is old now. You can't escape Java.. Java is everywhere.. I mean it's literally first in terms of languages used worldwide.
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    @SirWindfield NPAPI is long gone, don't worry about Java and the web anymore.
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    @JavaRules ye that's what I meant. That was one of the most insecure things Java belonged to. It got removed. Dunno why people still complain about it.
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    @SirWindfield Java is about as diverse as the English language, it would be hard to list all of its uses. Hence, the term general purpose programming language. So when people say they like Java, they usually imply they enjoy the syntax. Saying you dislike Java is silly because I guarantee you have used it today. It's ubiquitous.
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    Every time i read this sentence i just force myself to remember public mass transport.
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    @JavaRules I've only used my iPhone today. Boom.
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    Enjoy the stress ball!
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