One of my friend is wanted to build his site. Like other extra smart customer he did his share of research.

With half an hour of explaining why I am charging more than other. He said okay, and said he will be at my place tomorrow.

Me: why?
He: so I can watch you?

That single demand of his, made me pissed off. I wanted to punch him for that but anyway suggested him,
he should look for other vendor.

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    Does he walk into the car workshop where the mechanic repairs his car? Oh, no access.

    Does he drop anaesthesia when he gets his appendix removed so that he can watch the surgeon? D'uh.

    What an asshole, and I bet you also escaped a lot of micro managing shit from him.
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    @Fast-Nop yes, I had the same idea. Without any second thought I deny.

    My situation was like when you want to say lots of thing but don't know how to say it.
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