Every single one of them, and every one that will come after them.

Google, it started out as 2 people in their garage, wanting to make a search engine that was better than the others. Nothing else, nothing evil. Just make the world a little bit better. And look what it's become now. A megacorporation with little to no regards for their user base. Because who cares about users anyway?

Microsoft, it started out with Bill Gates - young high school computer nerd - who wanted to make an operating system for the world to use. Something that's better than the competition. And boy did he do so. Well "better than the competition" aside, he did make it for the world to use. And the world adopted it. And look what it's become now. A megacorporation with little to no regards for their user base. Because who cares about users anyway?

See where I'm going here?

Apple, it started out with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in their garage, just like Google did, wanting to make hardware that was better than the others. Nothing else, nothing evil. Just to make the world a little bit better. And look what it's become now. Planned obsolescence has been baked into it, just like it is in every other piece of technology. Quality control and thinking through the design has become a thing of the past. User choice, yeah who cares about that.

Samsung, it started out centuries ago actually, and I don't really remember the details of it.. ColdFusion has a video on it if memory serves me right. Do watch it if you're interested. Anyway, just like all the others they started out as a company which wanted to make the world a little bit better. And damn right did they do so.. initially. Look what they've become now. Forcing their stupid TouchWiz UI upon their customers (or products?), a Bixby button that can't even be reprogrammed.. and the latest thing.. Knox, advertised as a security feature, but as everyone who likes rooting their devices and mucking with it knows, it is an anti-feature that only serves for lockdown. Why shouldn't you be able to turn in a phone for RMA when a hardware error occurs, when all you've personally modified is the software? Why should changing the software blow that eFuse, so that you can be sure that you can't replace it without specialized equipment and a very steady hand?

I could go on and on forever about more of the tech giants out there, but I feel like this suffices for now. Otherwise I won't have anything else left for future rants! But one thing I know for sure. Every tech company started, starts, and will start out with a desire to make the world a better place, and once they gain a significant customer base, they will without exception turn into the same kind of Evil Megacorp., just like the ones before them. Some may say that capitalism itself is to blame for this, the greed for more when you already have a lot. Who knows? I'd rather say that the very human nature itself is to blame for it. We're by design greedy beings, and I hate it. I hate being human for that. I don't want humans to be evil towards one another, and be greedy for ever more. But I guess that that's just the way it is, and some things do actually never change...

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    The best wk130 answer yet
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    @dontPanic Thank you ❤️
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    Your logic makes a lot of sense, and i think that Silicon Valley (tv series) will put this in their movie and show Pied Piper becoming as evil as Hooli. I'm really interested to see what leads them to this and how their mindset changes over time.
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    @115105109 I don't think Silicon Valley is headed that way, but I just pictured an entire spin-off series with your story line
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    When doing some research on googles founding I stumbled upon something, there are multiple sources, if you'd like to know more about that, do you have a secure means of communication?

    I'm not putting this out in plain text.
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    @linuxxx Sure, you can ping me via email by encrypting against my key: http://pgp.mit.edu/pks/lookup/...
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    @Condor Could you give me your email address one more time? 😅
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    @linuxxx Either of the email addresses in the PGP page should do, minus the Outlook account as it's been revoked and I don't use it anymore. I don't really like posting that email address in too many places but it's <my username here>@<my domain nixmagic.com>
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    We should start a company to take down these evil corporations.

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    So the conclusion is to not start anything in a garrage?
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    @Gregozor2121 hmm 🤔 not really, I'd start my billion dollar idea on my bench, bedroom or garage as well actually. It's the most accessible and I doubt that that's the root cause either. Perhaps we just need more of each "thing", so that there's a healthy amount of competition and not really any one entity can dominate the market. Kind of like the smartphone industry, minus Apple and Samsung perhaps? I find the plethora of smartphone brands really appealing from a competition point of view - to make your products as good as they can be, for the lowest price that they can be.
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    Sarcasm -| your head |--->
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    "this will change the world!" = I wil earn lots of money huehue
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    @Gregozor2121 please elaborate, I really don't get it 😅
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    @115105109 exactly
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    Now you've made me afraid of going into my fucking garage. I'm gonna run out tomorrow morning Black Friday and buy a sensor so all the lights go on and nerve gas is sprayed whilst I wear a mask! ;`}
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    @bols59 😂😂😂
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