Good times: Migrating a Jenkins build pipeline patched together out of groovy, python, bash, awk, perl scripts and God knows what else since I have only scratched the surface so far, from Maven to Gradle while not breaking day-to-day builds, integrations and deployments of features, hotfixes and releases. I'm actually enjoying the challenge but it's taking forever due to several issues:
- Jenkins breaks/hangs randomly because it's Jenkins
- Gradle can't handle sets of version ranges but Maven can
- Maven can't handle Gradle style version ranges
- Gradle doesn't have a concept of parent poms, you need to write a plugin and apply stuff programmatically. But plug-ins being part of the buildscript{} don't fall under depency management rules :clap:
- Meme incompatibility issues of BSD vs GNU versions of CLI tools like sed, grep etc

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    How about we take the Jenkins build and we push it to the new server?
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