All arguments about tabs and spaces, I just write my code in a non-formatted clusterfuck and then let the IDE format it.

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    I wish some more IDE's would be able to do that honestly. An IDE I use inserts more spaces when I paste stuff into it, so I end up doubling the spaces for every time I paste code. So it's not only an unreadable clusterfuck, it's also an unnavigable clusterfuck as well...
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    But do you let your IDE format it with spaces or tabs?
    If your settings differ from those of a teammate, your IDE will probably complain and try to reformat all the time, which will result in a big mess containing both spaces and tabs.
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    @TempestasLudi not to forget all the whitespace changes git keeps telling you about
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    @TempestasLudi use the same formatter and version control your code-style settings. I do this even for my private projects.
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    Yeh we have formatting rules defined in a config file for each project, a githook that does reformatting on commit according to the rules an dthat blocks the commit if it can't reformat everything automatically...

    On top of that, our Ci process checks formatting as well in one of its stages...

    It allows for consistent formatting and appropriate shaming if someone makes the build fail
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    @TempestasLudi Schrödingers formatting: If you never check it is both tabs and spaces at the same time
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